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Plasma enhanced surface treatments using electron beam. The body of literature on the topic is reaching a boiling point, and some references are full of insights, such as the book by ken. Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. The 4th edition of the aimcal metallizing technical reference will go to print shortly. Engineered materials handbook desk edition handbooks. Aimcal metallizing technical reference 5th edition member. Celplast has presented at many previous aimcal conferences on its patented single pass inline metallizing and topcoating technology. Due to the optimum heat seal pressure operating range of the wrapade heat sealer, we were required to maintain a minimum 30 psi seal pressure during heat sealing, as opposed to the 15 psi recommended in the aimcal procedure. References 1 websters new world dictionary of the american language. Menges roller company wins 20 aimcal award for technical. Hazen paper scores aimcal 2015 product of the year 2015.

In addition to updates in the seven existing chapters from the 3rd edition, the latest edition has been expanded with new chapters with information on the vacuum web coating processes. Vacuum metallizing for flexible packaging in the book multilayer. Metallizing of plastics engineered materials handbook. Vacuum web coating conference 2001 publishes third edition of metallizing technical reference. Aimcal evolved out of a small group called the vacuum metallizers association vma, which began with a handful of companies involved in what was then the fledgling metallizing industry. The test kit contains enough materials to do at least 100 tests as described in the metallizing technical reference tp10592. A comprehensive converter of packaging materials, labels and lithographic books, catalogs and magazines. Hempel coating reference handbook linkedin slideshare. Technical resources aimcal mailing list web machine buying guide 2016 converting school connect. Aimcal technical committees provide an excellent forum to network with other technical professionals in the industry, while providing valuable input to aimcal technical conferences and publications. Aimcal metallizing committee, technical reference book, issue 1.

Direct transformation of metallized paper into alsi nano. Aimcal will celebrate its 50 th anniversary at its 2020 executive leadership conference. The release of sodium was rapid with 80% of the total content released from the longterm monolithic leaching. It has more than 220 member companies worldwide and. This is a modified version of the aimcal metal adhesion test method. A comparison of the leachant to surface area and volume ratios, as well as sample surface area to volume ratios are useful for interpreting release data table 2. Converting quarterly 2020 quarter 1 by petersonpublications issuu. Mount, emmount technologies hard and strong or soft and weak, picking the right substrate depends on your application. This article discusses the metallizing of plastics, provides information on its history, and gives a short note on applications and adhesion properties of metallic coatings. Hazen was awarded product of the year for a collection of transfermetallized sleeves and cartons produced for global packaging of titleist golf balls. Our initial experiments were carried out using the aimcal metallizing technical reference manual metal adhesion test method1.

Centre for sustainable materials research and technology, school. The three principle vacuum deposition processes, evaporation, sputtering and plasma processing are the focus of transparent gas barrier work at various converters, resin producers and equipment manufacturers. Technical magazine of aimcal industry news articles submit news. The abundant application of metallized paper and the quick growth of their wastes lead to the removal of a huge amount of valuable resources from economic cycle. About aimcal association of international metallizers. Evaporation produces coatings at very high rates, but plasma. Menges roller wins aimcal technical excellence award. Plasticstrends technology of vacuum metallized plastics. The association of international metallizers, coaters and laminators aimcal, founded in 1970, is a global nonprofit international trade association representing converters of metallized, laminated and coated flexible substrates and their suppliers. Us8652626b2 biaxially oriented metallized polylactic acid film with.

Aimcal offers updated metallizing reference published. Corey reardon of awa alexander watson associates the netherlands opened the extrusion coating session with an overview of the extrusion coating market worldwide. In the late 1960s, as the metallizers began coating and laminating to add value to their products, there was discussion about changing vmas bylaws to broaden. Haryono, aplikasi densitas optis untuk pengukuran ketebalan lapisan metal pada plastik, science and enggeering. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support, please contact our customer care department within the united states at 800 7622974, outside the united states at 317 5723993 or fax 317 5724002. The roll 2 roll is a conference for member and nonmember company personnel in operations, quality control and engineering to examine technical. February 15, 20 the 5th edition includes data on testing, contamination, web cleaning, planarization, heat. Transparent gas barriers are receiving considerable attention in the plastics industry for roll coating applications. Svc foundation offers technical scholarship published. Metallizing technical reference v and metal adhesion test kit metallized film test methods, characteristics and capabilities. Welcome to 2020 and what is sure to be an exciting year in our industry of metallizing, coating and laminating. Aimcal offers updated metallizing reference paper, film. The association of international metallizers, coaters and laminators. It was developed by celplast to allow us to measure higher metal bond strengths than the aimcal.

Association of international metallizers, coaters and laminators. Information on recycling, metallizing, and ceramicmatrix composites is provided. As we reach the end of 2019, we take time to look back at the past 12 months and define our expectations and predictions for the year ahead. This email address is being protected from spambots. Technical resources aimcal mailing list web machine buying guide. The book gives engineers and technicians a better understanding of the capability and limitations of multilayer flexible films and how to use them to make. Multilayer flexible packaging, second edition, provides a thorough introduction to the manufacturing and applications of flexible plastic films, covering materials, hardware and processes, and multilayer film designs and applications. Cumulative release of sodium and chloride as a function of time for all experimental are presented in figures 4 and 5. Metallized multilayer biaxially oriented polylactic acid base polymer bopla. Bobst hosted an open house at its new flexo center of excellence at bobst bielefeld on february 2020, giving attendees the opportunity to experience the entire flexo process from start to finish. Roll vacuum deposition of barrier coatings wiley online library. The barrier and metal adhesion test conditions are also listed for your reference.

Application study of high barrier ceramics deposited film. Innovation is the key to success for converters and for my company. Converting quarterly is a free quarterly magazine that serves as the official technical magazine of aimcal. This is the same phenomenon as the creep of flat belts. Aimcal is a nonprofit trade association that serves as a global forum for the flexible metallizing, coating, and laminating industry. Each issue covers the webprocessing technologies of solution, extrusion and vacuum coating. Hazen paper company earned the top prize for its enhanced envirofoil at the 2015 annual management meeting of the association of international metallizers, coaters and laminators aimcal held march 1921 in st.

The association of international metallizers, coaters and laminators aimcal, founded in 1970, is a global nonprofit trade association representing converters of metallized, laminated and coated flexible substrates and their suppliers. Aimcal fall technical conference a huge success paper. Business fashion, accessories and textiles machinery industry achievements and awards nonprofit organizations. Surface area ratio an overview sciencedirect topics. In this work, for the firsttime, the thermal micronizing technique has been used to directly transform the metallized paper wastes to alsi nanorod and al nanoparticles for use as the input in different manufacturing sectors such. Aimcal of course does it right by having a unique blend of technical content, networking, and just a little time off for sightseeing and relaxing.

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