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Students will use their knowledge of solving and graphing onestep inequalities to complete a scavenger hunt groups. Inequalities worksheets the pages below all have printable algebra worksheets for teaching students to solve and graph inequalities. Tes global ltd is registered in england company no 02017289 with its registered office at 26 red lion square london wc1r 4hq. Solving onestep and twostep inequalities in my capstone class for future secondary math teachers, i ask my students to come up with ideas for engaging their students with different topics in the secondary mathematics curriculum. A page of onestep intermediatelevel inequalities with a multiplication or division fact on the same side of the inequality as the variable. Model for the class how to graph compound inequalities on a number line. Discuss the differences between graphing conjunctions and disjunctions and less thangreater than and less.

V d 1m 6a 7d dej 1wti 1t qhq vintf yi dn5i qt 5e6 cael5g pejb. H 92 w0y1r2a qkfu ftwai qs eo hf lt awha8r reb 5l mlzc d. In this inequalities activity, students find 20 inequalities to match situations or the given graphs. Solving inequalities worksheet lesson objectives to solve equations inequalities solve and graph each inequality 1. Activity management if graphs of inequalities are new to your students, you may want to cover the material at the. They find the inequalities on the coloring sheet and color with the given color. Graphing systems of inequalities reporting category equations and inequalities topic graphing systems of inequalities primary sol a. Classroom activities to solve inequalities synonym. Solving inequalities mctyinequalities20091 inequalities are mathematical expressions involving the symbols, may 05, 2016. Multistep inequalities math lib in this activity, students will generate pieces to a story as they move throughout ten stations. Teacher overhead set of number line and large inequality arrows.

Print each of the following pages on colored paper and hang around the room. The 35 game for compound inequalities mathcoachblog. If you want to focus solely on solving inequalities, eliminate the column of graphs. The powerpoints have been made to go with exercises from 10 ticks that are indicated on the title screen. Graphing systems of inequalities virginia department of education. Solving inequalities card sort an old math dog learning. T p cmqa1d pes kw ti3tgh1 hijndfpitn ti6t0eo sa al vgde pb drza4 r1 s. For example, 3 plus x is less than 5 is an inequality in which any number. Z q bm9apdle 2 bwnivtqhr fihnbfpien4i7t0ec zaqlcgke1bgrpac 81q.

This fun worksheet keeps students engaged while solving twostep inequalities. Write down the name of the superhero and answer the problem on a separate paper. Topics include basic singlevariable inequalities, as well as, onestep, twostep, and compound inequalities. These problems will require students to use the distributive property, combine like terms, and deal with variables on both sides of an inequality. This activity was created by a quia web subscriber. Students are then to complete the worksheet by translating to words the inequality given. These type of activities can be used to consolidate understanding of a given topic, and foster positive group work and cooperative learning. I recommend that you work out the problem instead of making a guess. Student activities linked to the lessons are provided at the end of each. One step inequalities worksheets math worksheets 4 kids.

One with just the algebra and the second includes forming them from worded situations. Students will solve the 10 inequalities and then use their answers to discover which color to use to fill in each of the. Solving inequalities match up the pairs teaching resources. For example, you could have the person with the birthday closest to today go first or the oldest. Distribute copies of the graphing systems of inequalities activity sheet, sheets of graph paper or individual white boards with the coordinate plane, and colored. Sixth grade lesson inequalities in the realworld betterlesson. Solving and graphing inequalities joined by and or or. Algebra i inequalities 1 inequalities bingo directions. Have students place the answer in each numbered box. Graphinglinearinequalitiessort west contra costa unified. Graphing inequalities workheet 6 here is a 12 problem worksheet where students will both solve inequalities and graph inequalities on a number line. Free worksheets for solving or graphing linear inequalities. Introduction to solving linear inequalities in one variable wccusd.

Maze solving equations activities solving onestep equations. This is the order in which you must complete the assignments in the solving inequalities packet. Individuals in the five countries with highest activity inequality are 196% more likely to be obese than individuals from the 5 countries with lowest activity inequality. This activity is also perfect for math centers and rotating math stations. Aspects of the built environment, such as walkability, may mitigate activity inequality. In algebra, inequalities are equations in which the answer can be a range of values instead of only one correct solution. You use an open circle when graphing or inequalities.

They can be used for individual work or for group work. These activities will help you keep the engagement level up during this extremely important unit on solving different types of equations in algebra 1. V d 1m 6a 7d dej 1wti 1t qhq vintf yi dn5i qt 5e6 cael5g pejb ur xad 82y. These worksheets are especially meant for prealgebra and algebra 1 courses grades 79.

Onestep inequalities worksheets this page contains a huge collection of onestep inequalities worksheets based on various skills such as translating phrases, solving and graphing onestep inequalities, selecting correct graphs, identifying solutions and more. Free multi step inequalities worksheets pdf for kids. This activity consists of sixteen multistep inequalities for students to solve eight for each partner. Inequalities matchingmania anderson school district five.

Have students write the numbers 1 24 random on their bingo board. Understanding that inequalities describe a type of limitation in a real world situation where you cant go any higher than a given quantity or you can plan your 60minute lesson in math or inequalities algebra with helpful tips from michelle braggs. After all students have placed their numbers in the bingo board, reveal the solutions that correspond to each number. Solving inequalities in one and two variables activity sheet attached graphing calculators vocabulary open point, closed point earlier grades dashed line, boundary, solid line a. Students are applying their knowledge from the previous lesson to solve an unfamiliar type of problem. Free worksheets for solving or graphing linear inequalities with this worksheet generator, you can make customizable worksheets for linear inequalities in one variable. It is different when you have a solution such as 4 4. Solving inequalities card sort in my math 1 not ready for algebra 1 freshmen class, we are working on solving and graphing inequalities. L b2q0a1y1c lk nu 0tta v 6svohfet vwvabrre o hlbl 9ct.

Inequalities with one step super teacher worksheets. Before the lesson, laminate the number line activity sheet. The objective of this activity is for students to solidify their knowledge of solving inequalities in a way that is engaging and requires student discourse. My favorite part is it allows the students to be able to check themselves and discover their own mistakes, which means less chance of making them a second time. Solving inequalities differentiated coloring activities with. Students will select a starting card it doesnt matter which one. Solving inequalities mctyinequalities20091 inequalities are mathematical expressions involving the symbols, solving inequalities. I have differentiated colour coded this activity and there is a plenary exercise at the end too. Complete 2 of the following tasks ixl practice worksheets creating k1, k2 alg 1 at least to 85. Solving inequalities a coteaching lesson plan virginia. Show your steps and write your answer in the space provided. This lesson is designed to introduce graphing inequalities on a number line as well as solving one step linear inequalities in one variable. The numberline graphs are then to be identified by their inequality as well as the solution to the inequality. Worksheet triangle inequalities oxford area high school.

The will practice solving multistep inequalities, including those with distribution and variables on both sides. Each worksheet features a number of problems to solve and answers to provide in the spaces indicated. Equations and inequalitiesequations and inequalities. Multistep inequalities math lib by all things algebra tpt. How it worksthis activity includes 16 compound inequalities, solutions, and number lines. Today, my students were working with multiple step inequalities some twostep, some with variables on both sides, and some with parentheses. An introduction to solving and graphing inequalities brief overview. Students need to be careful to really watch their signs before they color. Mar 10, 2014 solving inequalities card sort in my math 1 not ready for algebra 1 freshmen class, we are working on solving and graphing inequalities. Circe the color of your answer choice and color the corresponding areas on the coloring sheet.

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