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The directors take pleasure in presenting the fifteenth annual report of bangalore int ernational airport limited the company or your company together with the audited financial statements for the financial year ended 31st march, 2016. Airport futures provisions will still be included as an important part of the plan, but the language has been updated and generalized. The board comprises of 10 directors, of which 07 are nonexecutive directors and 03 are executive directors. On behalf of the board of airservices australia, i am pleased to submit to you the airservices australia. We have no shareholders and reinvest every penny we earn back into airport operations and development. Financial results 2015 16 the details of the key financial results are summarised as follows. Airport capacity needs in the national airspace system pdf, 2. Please find links to download our historic annual reports below. Financial statements 2 directors report 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Other work was completed in 2015, in particular to improve the deicing fluid collection process 4 2015 annual report 5 annual report. Extra mile learn about hkias community investment project. Annual report 2015 4 foreword from the chairman of the supervisory board 6 interview with the chairman of the executive board 8 corporate philosophy. Annual report of flughafen zurich ag 2015 zurich airport. This board composition reflects the independence of management, both in fact and appearance.

Viennaairport annual reports vienna international airport. Appendices and supplement international civil aviation. Select a year annual report 2018 annual report 2017 annual report 2016 annual report 2015 annual report 2014 annual report 20 annual report 2012 annual report 2011 annual report 2010 annual report 2009 annual report 2008 annual. Aenas annual report see the complete content of the annual report published by aena by clicking the year above. Fy2015 marks another year of cost containment to improve the airport s financial strength.

Our airports help stimulate employment both on and around the airport site, and through the wider economy. Airports commission final report, including its recommendations for expanding aviation capacity and its assessment of the shortlisted options. Annual report 201819 keep abreast with hkias latest developments. Aviation department mdad financial statements, for more detail on business operationsfinanceat miami international airport. This is the first project in the nation to look at statewide airport. Within this relatively static change in overall passenger numbers year on year, there have been.

Sustainability report 201718 discover how we are building a sustainable future. This also means that it cannot use the modern web technologies required for the vienna airport internet page that you have consulted. Kansai airport, built on an artificial island in osaka bay, is an international hub with strong growth potential through the development of asian tourism in japan and the growth of low cost carriers in the country. Innovative, environmentally conscious and exemplary 26 status report for the 2015 financial year 32 balance sheet, profit and loss statement 36 notes on the 2015 financial statement. The directors have pleasure in presenting to shareholders their twentyfifth consolidated annual report for wellington international airport limited wial andor the company for the year ended 31 march 2015. Flughafen berlin brandenburg gmbh annual report 2015 sxf, txl, ber annual report 2015 sxf, txl, ber. Please note that reports before 2014 only focus on financial conditions. Annual report 2015 bandaranaike international airport. Annual reports and interim reports from previous years. Group annual report 2019 group annual report 2018 group annual report 2017. Annual and interim reports, publications hong kong. The aci annual report 2018 highlights key achievements of aci world and aci. Learn more about our mission and read our annual reports.

Capacity needs in the national airspace system, 20072025 pdf, 1. Annual report for the financial year 2015 16 as required under section 46 of the. Q3 quarterly eia financial statement, ending september 30, 2015. Copenhagen airport is still operating and supports the current traffic in the airport. Tables relating to the world of air transport in 2015 appendix 2. Swedavias mission is to own, operate and develop ten airports together, the airports form a network that links swedens regions while serving as a bridge to and from the world beyond. A year later, this first annual report highlights our progress against goals for our major strategic objectives, along with our everyday mission to improve overall operational excellence. Single audit report in accordance with omb circular a3, and chapter 10.

Below you can read previous releases of cphs csr report, cph and society, covering all nonfinancial aspects of the company. Public governance, performance and accountability pgpa act 20. Annual and interim reports mag manchester airports. The mission of schiphol group is connecting the netherlands. San francisco international airport sfo achieved a record level of passenger activity over the past 12 months, securing its place as a leading source of employment and revenue for the region. Waa or the company is a communitybased, notforprofit organization responsible for the management and operation of winnipeg james armstrong richardson international airport winnipeg richardson international airport. Halifax stanfield international airport is one of the most critical. Please download the free adobe acrobat reader to view these documents. The walter restaurant in the airside center, laderach chocolatier suisse, as well as the shops timebox, rituals, kiko milano and shanty beauty design are welcomed to zurich airport. Yvr 2014 annual report 2 vancouver airport authority is a communitybased, notforprofit organization that manages vancouver international airport yvr.

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