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May 26, 2010 click to enlarge unlike the macbook pro line, which lets consumers choose different processors and screens, the only options apple provides to potential macbook customers is to upgrade the ram to. Even though macbook pros released after 2011 can support a ram upgrade of up to 16 gb, apple have strangely recommended or advertised 8 gb as the maximum ram upgrade limit. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. They have the same shape, but use different symbols on the cable. I think that very few would question how well it is built and how much attention to details went into it. Apple macbook pro laptops from 2010 come with internal storage capabilities that extend from 2gb ram to 2tb ram.

Macbook pro elevates the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability. Nemix ram 16gb 2x8gb ddr3 memory for apple macbook pro 2010 7. Macbook pro late 2008, early 2009, mid 2009, mid 2010 ddr31066mhz. Will the fastest ssd will be beneficial for a programming student. We are upgrading the ram in our 2010 macbook pro from a 8gb to a 16 gb. Should i buy the macbook pro with 256gb ssd and 16gb ram. Finally, the mid2012 nonretina display macbook pro models use faster still 1600 mhz pc312800 ddr3 sodimms and likewise officially. Apple only says that you can expand up the 4gb, but you can install more than that. Easily upgrade your 2008 2010 macbook pro ram to up to 8gb, and save money by trading in your old memory chips. Owcs stepbystep video of how to install memory in the apple macbook pro 17inch mid 2010 unibody with model id. The macbook pro unibody mid 2010 memory maxxer ram upgrade kit includes all the parts and tools you need to upgrade to 16 gb of ram.

Mac specs by capability actual maximum ram macbook pro models. Its worth pointing out that macbook pros from 20, 2014, and 2015 have very few ssd upgrade options. Installation is so easy its barely worth mentioning, upgrading ram in the macbook pro is a matter of undoing a few screws on the bottom of the mac, lifting off the aluminum case. Yes, the command combination to rest pram has been the same for ages, and it works on all macs, whether they are brand new macbook pro, retina imac, macbook air, intel or ppc architecture, a macbook, imac, or a mac mini, or virtually any other mac that has been made, the key command is the same and the effect is the same. Pc38500, 4gb ddr3, 1066 ddr3, royemai ddr3 ram sodimm ddr3 notebook computer ram memory for imac 20 inch 21. Best ssd ram for mid 2010 macbook pro macrumors forums. The difference between 8 or 4gb will only be noticeable if you are using very highend software. But mac minis sold from 2010 to 20 can be upgraded to 16gb, and. An external ssd very important its ssd not hdd that connects to your mac via thunderbolt 3 usbc is really fast so performance wise it is not that big of a difference, plus you save quite a bit of. While the 2010 series are not the fastest, installing a good quality major brand ssd and maxing the ram up to 16gb make a huge difference to performance. Finding your macs model macs are regularly refreshed and even if newer models dont look all that different, big changes can happen on the inside. Designed for those who defy limits and change the world, the new macbook pro is by far the most powerful notebook weve ever made. So even if you put in ram that is rated for a higher speed, it will still run at the.

Similar cards that were not provided by apple may have compatibility issues and you should work with the vendor of that card to confirm compatibility. Ive had no issues and the machine seems to run faster over even when its only using a tiny. Macbook pro mid 2010 running well and cant afford a new one, as a student. Hi guys today i will show you how to improve your mac saving his life at least for others 5 years. Crucial memory and ssd upgrades 100% compatibility guaranteed for apple macbook pro inch, mid 2010 free us delivery.

This 8gb memory kit is designed for apple imac, macbook and macbook pro and features up to 1. The macbook pro unibody for mid 2010 requires a tripoint y0 screwdriver to remove the battery. Buffer set at 2 ms no red light ever but it comes when i go to 1 ms. Apples next macbook pro rumored to feature sixcore. Includes diy install videos to make upgrading easy. Feb 06, 2017 hi guys today i will show you how to improve your mac saving his life at least for others 5 years. Thats all it takes to factory reset your macbook pro. Apple macbook pro spring 2010 the new inch macbook pro uses a faster version of last years processor, but a graphics chip upgrade and better battery life give it more value for the same price. November 4th, 20 benchmarking the ipad air versus ipad 4 and ipad 3. A very easy to follow step by step video to show what you can do to. If you were wondering about the components inside the new, secondgeneration macbook air ifixit has you covered. Wherever your ideas take you, youll get there faster than ever with high. It will be for a programming student and because of it being older 2.

Macbook pro memory upgrade kits 2008, 2009 and 2010. The new owner will want to set up the macbook pro according to their own needs so theres no need to run through this process. The macbook pro 15 is an excellent allpurpose computer with a terrific design. The larger macbook pro starts at 512gb or 1tb of ssd storage and can be upgraded to up to 8tb, which is definitely a lot. How to upgrade macbook pro ram 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Fastest 256gb apple ssd macbook air pro 20 2014 2015 a1466.

Macbook pro memory upgrades macbook pro ram upgrades. Includes free diy installation videos to make upgrading easy. The actual maximum ram for each apple macbook pro with complete specs a click away. Is upgrading the macbook pro to 8gb of ram worth it. I personally have 8gb in my retina macbook pro and 12gb in my imac. Buy nemix ram 16gb 2x8gb ddr3 memory for apple macbook pro 2010 7,1 with fast shipping and toprated customer service. You can also select from several different screen sizes, like. In my case, my early2011 macbook pro has two dimm slots, each. With an immersive 16inch retina display, superfast processors, nextgeneration graphics, the largest battery capacity ever in a macbook pro, a new magic keyboard, and massive storage, its the ultimate pro notebook for the ultimate user. Mini displayport is not the same as thunderbolt or thunderbolt 2. For detailed information about the amount of memory installed in your computer, open system profiler by choosing apple and then about this mac. Its a simple process and shouldnt give you any problems. The 16inch macbook pro brings a whole new class of performance to the notebook.

Any mid2010 macbook pro i5 or i7 is limited to a maximum of 8gb ram. Other than processor, these two models are identical. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided. The macbook pro 15inch, mid 2010 shipped in three configurations. Atech for apple 8gb kit 2x 4gb ddr3 1067mhz 1066mhz pc38500 sodimm memory ram upgrade for macbook, macbook pro, imac, mac mini late 2008, early 2009, mid 2009, late 2009, mid 2010 models. Mar 19, 2020 macbook pro introduced in late 2008 through 2010. And newer macbook pro 2016 and 2017 models are not upgradable at all. Based on your macbook model, here are the best ram recommendations for you. It provides space for your programs to operate and holds instructions in a temporary place for your programs to access. The macbook mid2010 has the same chipset as the macbook pro 2010, so it too can support 8gb of ram.

Ram is one of the most crucial components of your computer. Apple cut off the upgrade path of this model at 10. Apr 11, 2018 if youve got an old mac thats out of warranty, you can take more risks than if youre thinking about tearing open a brand new macbook pro. Actual maximum ram of all macbook pro models macs by.

Ill modify a mid 2010 macbook pro it is valid for both inch and 15inch one, but the. The macbook pro sometimes unofficially abbreviated as mbp is a line of macintosh portable computers introduced in january 2006, by apple inc. Im sure you can get a lot of extra speed with a ssd but why spend the money when you can improve the speed for fraction of the cost. Best os version for mid2010 macbook pro apple community. Red light comes on rarely but it does come on but never any dropouts or lag. If you cannot upgrade the ram or dont choose to, 10. Improvements included faster processors, improved graphics chipsets, and larger hard disks for the low and midrange models. It is the higherend model of the macbook family, sitting above the consumerfocused macbook air, and is available in inch and 16inch screen sizes.

How to instructions and videos to upgrade the ram in mid2009, mid2010, early 2011, late 2011 and nonretina mid2012 macbook pro. With the purchase you will also get a 3 year warranty on the drive. If you have a 2010 macbook pro core2duo, then you are in luck and you can upgrade to 16gb ram. The macbook mid 2010 has the same chipset as the macbook pro 2010, so it too can support 8gb of ram. A 17inch version was sold from april 2006 to june 2012. How much faster will my macbook pro feel when i go from 4 to. Im not a computer expert but i did extensive research on the topic about the best ssd for macbook pro and actually upgraded it by myself diy. In colins case, he pit a slightly upgraded version of the imac pro against an alienware gaming pc, a macbook pro, and the current mac pro.

Review apple macbook pro 15inch i7 201004 notebook. If you combine this upgrade with the ram upgrade then you will. Upgrade your macbook pro to an ssd for up to 6x the capacity and 106x the speed of the original drive. Thanks to a more advanced thermal design, the intel core i9 processor with up to 8 cores and 16 threads of processing power sustains higher performance for longer periods of time and delivers up to 2. I need to downgrade my osx, and i am wondering what is the latest version that will run smoothly on my machine. The original series unibody macbook pro runs ddr31066 memory. Apple 16 macbook pro with touch bar, 9thgen 8core intel i9 2. If, however, you want the fastest macbook pro available then go ahead and get an i7. Of course, you should always get as much storage as you can afford, but 1tb is good enough for most people, especially if you take advantage of cloudbased storage and external hard drives. You are bidding on a nice condition, functionally flawless and ultimate configured apple macbook pro. Which ram should i use for my macbook pro,3 late 2011. A 750 gb hard drive and 8 gb of ram makes this one of the best and fastest macbook pros out there. So the faster ram will run at the slower bus speed without causing any. About graphicscard compatibility between mac pro models.

I want to opgrade the ram in my macbook pro,3 late 2011 see specifications below, and i am definitely no hardwareexpert. I have yosemite installed and my computer runs like a snail. Ssds solidstate drives designed for the macbook pro. As aladdin has already said, it really depends on what you are using the computer for. If you are using highend photo and video editing software on your old laptop, chances are you will see the system slow down. Looking to buy the best ram upgrade for old macbook pro in 2020. I installed these in a macbook pro mid 2010 and they work great. Nov 11, 2019 own macbook pro models that are 2009 to 2012.

I have an old beautiful mint condition white macbook 7,1 with a 2. The new macbook pro is a great computer with an amazing worldclass design. There are a few variances to replacing the optical drive but this will be the. Upgrade your mac pro memory past apple factory specs up to 1. The original post said no, which was right at the time it was written, but as of february 15th, 2014, the owc page says that you can install up to 16gb of. Hey i added 16 gigs to my early 2011 macbook pro and did it everincreasing performance. If you have a lot of programs running, getting ram first is best to avoid paging to the hard drive. If youre looking for more and much faster storage rather than more ram. Nov 17, 2010 anyway, i put the 8gb upgrade in my base model unibody 2010 macbook pro. Introduced in april 2010, the macbook pro 15inch, mid 2010 was primarily a speedbump of the the macbook pro 15inch, mid 2009. Testing conducted by apple in november 2019 using preproduction 2.

Personally, if i were to buy a new macbook pro today, id get one with an i5 processor and spend the money i saved on upgrading the ram to 8gb. Macbook pro 15inch hires antiglare widescreen display. Click to enlarge unlike the macbook pro line, which lets consumers choose different processors and screens, the only options apple provides to. Boost your macs speed and prolong its useful life with easy. What is the best os for my 2009 macbook p apple community.

As others have said, the ssd will make the biggest improvement, but everything helps. I have a mid2010 white macbook unibody and installed 8 gb 33. Photographer and photoshop expert colin smith of photoshopcafe recently embarked on a test many photo and video editors have been asking for. Owcs stepbystep video of how to install memory in the apple macbook pro 17 inch mid 2010 unibody with model id. The mackbookpro14,3 appeared recently with intels latest i7 core processor plus more ram running at higher speeds. How much faster will my macbook pro feel when i go from 4.

Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Mar 30, 2017 the total memory includes the amount of memory that originally came with the computer plus the new memory you added, or if all the memory has been replaced, the new total for that memory. How to make your macbook pro mid 2010 10x faster youtube. Compatible for apple ddr3 33mhz pc310600 for earlylate 2011 1517 inch macbook pro, mid 2010 midlate 2011 21. New 60w ac power adapter charger for apple macbook pro a1278 20092011 ltip. I use a 2010 macbook, and if you want speed, get and ssd first.

This article applies only to video cards that originally shipped with a specified mac pro or were offered as an upgrade kit by apple. The actual maximum ram of each macbook pro is listed below along with its compatible ram type, default amount of ram preinstalled, common identifiers suitable to identify a macbook pro in order to determine its ram capacity, and more. This is common if the laptop has less ram space, and even if you have a macbook pro, getting new ram will improve performance. Apples next macbook pro could see a beefy upgrade to its processor and memory, according to a hardware listing rumor discovered at geekbench.

All 2009 to early 2012 models, their ram can be upgraded. The inch macbook pro model id 7,1 has a 8gb max out of the box. Apr 26, 2010 like the older macbook pro, the current version launched into snow leopard in a fast 37 seconds, 20 seconds faster than the thinandlight average, which is mainly made up of windows pcs. What about apples 8 gb upgrade limit on ram for macbook pro. See all laptop memory pny performance 4gb 1pk 4gb 1. The mid2009 and mid2010 macbook pro models support 1066 mhz pc38500 ddr3 sodimms and officially and unofficially support a maximum of 8 gb of ram with one odd exception.

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